Azure Readiness : 7-Days Assessment


Discover what is achievable in Azure for your infrastructure and applications with our 7 days Azure Readiness Assessment.

This 7-days assessment is for technical and business stakeholders to evaluate Azure adoption from a technical and business point of view.

Phase 1: Discovery - 2 Days:

The Discovery phase allows us to understand your business workflow, connectivity, applications, and goals.

  • Discovery session to understand business goals, drivers, and gather assessment requirements.
  • Identify business “as is” infrastructure capabilities, through discussions a data collected describing services, technology, operating model, and supplier agreements to define the baseline for the current operations.
  • Identify Key Security and governance pain points and requirements within the organization.
  • Identify business line of applications, risks, and constraints.

Phase 2: Assessment and Readiness - 3 Days:

A comprehensive assessment of existing workloads and applications.

  • Build a performance profile for servers and applications as well as their dependencies.
  • Evaluate network readiness.
  • Analyze storage requirements, size, and tiers.
  • OS and application licenses review.
  • Application Grouping based on categories and affinity mapping.
  • Map application dependencies with details on all processes.
  • Applications compatibility and efficiency gain based on workload characteristics.
  • Identify consolidation candidates.

Phase 3: Design - 2 Days:

A series of internal workshops to develop assessment reports, followed by a meeting with stakeholders to present results and discuss strategy and POC requirements.


  • Detailed plan and design documents.
  • Design of network, applications, and servers on the cloud.
  • Security planning and implementation requirements.
  • POC requirements, costs, and timeline.