Microsoft Fabric Technical Deep-dive and Data Assessment - 8 Hours Workshop


Engage with our experts on 8 hours workshop to learn more about Microsoft Fabric through a technical deep-dive and discover data modernization strategies based on your current data estate.

Are you eager to harness the full potential of Microsoft Fabric for your data, analytics, and AI needs? GOBI Technologies offers an 8-hour workshop to help you understand Microsoft Fabric capabilities and to provide you with modernization and optimization strategies based on your data estate.

Workshop Overview

  • Current data estate review: Dive deep into your present infrastructure, identify data silos, analytics tools, and challenges.
  • Microsoft Fabric technical deep-dive: Discover the power of Microsoft Fabric and its significant impact on leveraging data & AI in driving business success.
  • Modernization strategy: Get insights and strategies for data integration, governance, analytics, and AI readiness.

Why This Workshop Matters

Microsoft Fabric offers a comprehensive analytics suite encompassing everything from data movement and lakes to data engineering, integration, data science, real-time insights, and business intelligence. 

We help demystify Microsoft Fabric and build your data strategy, including governance planning and data management. 

Workshop Deliverables

  • Fabric Technical Overview: Upon completing the workshop, you'll gain a thorough understanding of utilizing Microsoft Fabric for your data, analytics, and AI initiatives, along with insights on maximizing its capabilities and advantages.
  • Fabric Activation Strategy: Identify Fabric adoption strategy and POC requirements.
  • Data Strategy: 
    • Identify siloed systems and data across your organization.
    • Identify costly integrations and ongoing maintenance efforts.
    • Identify analytics limitations.
    • Fabric and Data Modernization Strategy Plan.