Windows Virtual Desktop: 4-Weeks PoC


The Windows Virtual Desktop proof of concept is focused on helping organizations publish their applications and desktops to collaborators in an efficient, fast and SECURE way

Microsoft Azure virtual desktops allow organizations to benefit from the features offered by the cloud such as security, elasticity, availability and operational efficiency. Through the proof of concept you can virtualize applications on multi-user Windows Server and Windows 10 operating systems, as well as obtain features and integrations with your applications in the cloud or on-premises. The scope of the proof of concept is to implement together and transfer the knowledge to the organization to be able to create a Windows 10 Multi-user image with centralized roaming profiles (FSLogix), integrating the local active directory or, failing that, using the Azure Active service itself. Directory Domain Services. In proof of concept, you can benefit from creating a VPN connection between the cloud and your on-premises applications for a complete business application experience and functionality.