Agile Work Management Software: 1-hr Assessment

Grant Thornton LLP

Transforming Risk & Compliance through Agile Work Management with Microsoft tools like Azure DevOps

Grant Thornton's Agile Work Management Software

The Perfect Balance Our solution offers the scalability of a commercial solution with the accessibility and agility of an ad-hoc solution at low cost.

  • Highly configurable and can align to a specific framework
  • Low cost to implement and license for existing Azure customers
  • Strong process flow, data governance, and access control
  • Flexible UI for creating queries to access specific management insights
  • Direct integration with Power BI for analytics (DevOps)
  • Direct integration with Power Automate for automation (DevOps)
  • Highly scalable

The Benefits Breakdown

  • Risk, Control and Test Cycle Management: Our pre-configured DevOps environment has the ability to capture all relevant risk, control, and test cycle data. The data is stored a relational format that supports one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many relationships between items (e.g. processes, risks, controls, tests).

  • Process and Automation Ready: Compliance process data capture can be achieved through multiple means: bulk upload using Microsoft Excel’s built-in add-in; individual entry through the DevOps online interface; or, automated entry using Microsoft Power Automate.

  • Security and Governance: As an agile work management tool, Azure DevOps has out of the box functionality to manage, track and maintain data stored in the environment, including a detailed audit trail. Access controls are in place to limit edit rights for selected fields to specific security groups.

  • Insights: Microsoft Power BI has built in data connectors to integrate with Azure DevOps data allowing for seamless BI reporting. This enables robust visualizations and reports showing risk and control matrices that can be customized via filters, test cycle tracking, and more.