App Modernization: 2-Week Workshop


Modernize an existing application workload to a data-driven application built on a best practices Azure foundation that enables future workload migrations.

This workshop aligns with the Cloud Adoption Framework to perform a proof of concept for the modernization of an existing application. It starts with a high-level review of the entire application portfolio to choose a target application and includes:

  • Guided Foundation Build (Azure Landing Zone) with governance guard rails built on best practices security and compliance configurations
  • Deep assessment of the chosen application and its associated data components
  • Creation of new application architecture integrated with the Azure Landing Zone, based on Azure App Services and Azure DevOps
  • Code-based deployment and configuration of required services
  • Deployment pipeline creation
  • Testing and validation
The Guided Foundation (Azure Landing Zone) includes best practices in:
  • Security and compliance to protect and monitor your systems and data. Learn to establish security controls, gain visibility, and apply compliance standards
  • Cloud governance and optimization to efficiently manage Azure resources to maximize business value, performance, and budget
  • Identity and access management to set up user roles and manage the identity plane
  • Network inter-connectivity
Agenda includes:
  • Day 1: Kickoff with project planning, resource alignment and scheduling. Creation of subscriptions
  • Day 2: Information gathering of IT stack, system dependencies, licensing, and in-house expertise. Exploration of Microsoft Azure. Design of the Landing Zone
  • Day 3: Guided Foundation Build into Azure to implement the Landing Zone and establish a Governance Minimum Viable Product
  • Days 4-8: Azure App Service training; code-based deployment; and Azure DevOps pipeline implementation, testing, and validation
  • Days 9-10: Finalize workshop report, executive presentation, discuss next steps in cloud journey, and project closeout activities