Azure Adoption: 2-Week Workshop


Review the Azure cloud adoption framework and tailor a customized plan to your infrastructure, applications, and business strategy.

This workshop will help put your mind at ease with a documented cloud adoption plan customized to your infrastructure, applications, and business strategy, along with a Guided Foundation Build or implementation of your initial extension into Azure.

The Foundation includes best practices in:

  • Security and compliance to protect and monitor your systems and data. Learn to establish security controls, gain visibility, and apply compliance standards.
  • Cloud governance and optimization to efficiently manage Azure resources to maximize business value, performance, and budget.
  • Identity and access management to help setup user roles and manage the identity plane.
  • Network configuration to access cloud resources from on-prem data centers or 3rd parties while maintaining efficient bandwidth and security.
During the workshop we will also identify the first workload and perform an operational fitness process looking at monitoring and advanced management.

Agenda includes:
  • Day 1: Kickoff with project planning, resource alignment and scheduling. Creation of subscriptions.
  • Day 2: Information gathering of IT stack, system dependencies, licensing, and in-house expertise. Exploration of Microsoft Azure. Design of the Landing Zone.
  • Day 3: Guided Foundation Build into Azure to implement the “Landing Zone” and establish a Governance Minimum Viable Product.
  • Days 4-8: Azure Fundamentals training, Accelerator Module implementation, and operational fitness process.
  • Days 9-10: Finalize workshop report, executive presentation, discuss next steps in cloud journey and project closeout activities.