Data Modernization: 2-Week Workshop


Learn how to bring together data from across your organization to uncover new insights and integrate your Azure apps and services with your data sources.

This workshop builds on the concepts from the Data Modernization in a Day Workshop and aligns with the Cloud Adoption Framework to perform a Proof of Concept for the modernization of an existing data source such as an SQL server, live data, XML file, or spreadsheet. It starts with a high-level review of your entire data estate to choose a target data source and includes:

  • Guided Foundation Build (Azure Landing Zone) with governance guard rails built on best practices security and compliance configurations.
  • Deep assessment of the chosen data source and its associated application dependencies.
  • Creation of new data architecture integrated with a standardized Azure Landing Zone.
  • Configuration of the required data services within Azure
  • Testing and validation.

The Guided Foundation (Azure Landing Zone) includes best practices in:

  • Security and compliance to protect and monitor your systems and data. Learn to establish security controls, gain visibility, and apply compliance standards
  • Cloud governance and optimization to efficiently manage Azure resources to maximize business value, performance, and budget
  • Identity and access management to set up user roles and manage the identity plane
  • Network inter-connectivity

Agenda includes:

  • Day 1: Kickoff with project planning, resource alignment, and scheduling. Creation of subscriptions.
  • Day 2: Information gathering of IT stack, system dependencies, licensing, and in-house expertise. Exploration of Microsoft Azure. Design of the Landing Zone.
  • Day 3: Guided Foundation Build into Azure to implement the Landing Zone and establish a Governance Minimum Viable Product.
  • Days 4-8: Azure Data Services training, data source migration, testing, and validation.
  • Days 9-10: Finalize workshop report, executive presentation, discuss next steps in cloud journey, and project closeout activities.