Securing Identity 3 days Workshop

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Securing Identities Workshops allow you to gain insight into the state of identity security in your organization, helping you transition to a modern identity based on Azure.

Designed as a three-day engagement, the Securing Identities Workshop gives customers visibility into their present state of identity security and will help define clear next steps and the best ways to mitigate risks. After workshops customers will have a better understanding of the end-to-end value Microsoft Identity platform and the value it can bring to their organization.

The workshop is intended to be delivered as a three-day engagement, which includes:  Defining a customer’s identity security posture.  Gaining insights into a customer's application landscape.  Working out high-level deployment plans for deployment of selected Identity mechanisms.  Showcasing core IT and user identity security scenarios through demo activities.  Defining joint next steps.

The Securing Identities Workshop Plan:

The workshops start with Pre-engagement Call (define scope and gather information on current identity estate) and collecting the answers to the Identity Workshop Questionnaire.

Day 1 – The engagement phase  Pre-engament meeting  Kick-off Meeting  Presentation of Business Value  Identity Security Posture assessment  The customer’s application landscape – reporting, discussion

Day 2 - Design and Planing  The presentation of Azure AD Application Management, Identity Fundamentals, Self-Service Password Reset, Multi-factor Authentication and Conditional Access but also optionally Passwordless and Device Compliance  The presentation of the Microsoft Identity platform capabilities.

Day 3 – Workshop Day  Demo  Benefits for the client from the implementation of the platform  Key results, recommendations, and next steps