Cloud Assure ISV QuickDeploy 5-Day PoC

Grey Matter

Grey Matter’s Cloud Assure ISV QuickStart Proof of Concept service will help you, as an ISV or Application Builder, deploy your application to Microsoft Azure as seamlessly as possible.

What’s the process?

  1. One of our Microsoft Certified Cloud Solutions Architects will work closely with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your goals and how they can be achieved

  2. That done, we’ll give you some application deployment and delivery options to suit your needs, whether Azure based Virtual Machines (IaaS) or application requirements to support Azure Platform Services (PaaS)

  3. We’ll then audit your existing deployment model to find out how much Azure you’re currently or would be using

  4. Next up, we’ll determine your requirements for test and development environments

  5. We’ll then give you all our findings in a comprehensive report that road-maps your journey with some tips on deployment best practice, along with our security and resource recommendations

  6. Finally, we’ll jointly deploy and configure a Proof of Concept environment to enable you to complete suitability and performance testing, ensuring what we’re recommending is truly fit for purpose. Once the Proof of Concept environment has been deployed, don’t worry, we can provide on-going support and consultancy should you wish to move in to production.

What are the immediate benefits to you?

  • Happier customers who will benefit from the seamless operation and delivery of your application
  • Cost savings will give you back some hard-earned cash to reinvest
  • More time to focus on developing with the simplification of the environment you’re supporting
  • Better applications underpinned by the cloud’s scalability and resiliency