Pricing Engine: 2-Hour Workshop

Grid Dynamics Holdings, Inc.

Workshop reviewing industry leading capabilities in pricing, offers, and promotions management.

The relationship between price and demand, competitive situation, stock levels are all factors that determine the optimal price leading to maximized revenue and margins. Unrestricted by limitations of brick and mortar retail, e-commerce pricing solutions can optimize price levels with any frequency while having complete access to past demand data. Request this briefing to explore the following topics:

  • Different maturity levels of dynamics pricing solutions: passive demand maximization vs active demand exploration.
  • Incorporating promotions and competitive data in your pricing decisions.
  • How does product lifecycle duration determine the most viable optimization strategy?
  • Cross-product dependencies. How not to cannibalize your own sales?
  • Inventory-aware price optimization and stockout avoidance.
  • What kind of data do you need to start training optimization models?
  • How does Azure support fast iteration and hassle-free rollout?

Our team can help brief you on the end-to-end implementation using a variety of Azure PaaS capabilities as well as specialized hosted tools such as Azure Machine Learning Studio.