IoT Solution 8 Weeks Implementation

Groove Technology

Groove Technology, with expertise in IoT projects in storage management, supply chain, and facilities management, delivers a range of services to help you leverage IoT technologies.

Groove Technology leverages Azure services to help you develop:

  • Purpose-built applications, operational systems, and client portals.
  • Software for front-end engagement, back-end control, or both.
  • Custom features to match your processes and deliver the outcomes you need.
Process Overview
  1. IoT System Discovery:
    • Understand your needs for IoT adoption
    • Define target data, processing center, IoT architecture and hardware consulting
    • Assess and plan for the integration of Azure services
    • Propose an FSD that describes the app’s capabilities, appearance, custom integrations, and estimation
  2. Design and Development: At Groove, we will put together a team of dedicated staff who will blend smoothly into your workflow and take good care of your system. If you want to expand the requirements beyond the scope of the FSD, we will help extend the team quickly to cope with the demand and boost capacity.
    • IoT ecosystem design and implementation
    • End-To-End IoT app development
    • Customise Azure integrations
    • Testing and feedback
Implementation Outcomes
  • Fast, safe, and stable connection
  • Robust and easy to scale as you need
  • Real-time data collection and purposefully data analysis
  • Optimised development cost and maintenance

Overall, Groove Technology provides reliable full-cycle technology services to tackle the most challenging market issues. From modernizing IT approaches, updating outdated infrastructure, hosting, maintaining, and rebuilding products, we've covered you. Have a look at the IoT services we provide!