Predictive Appointment Management Jumpstart for Healthcare Providers (4-Wk Proof of Concept)


Hanu’s Predictive Appointment Management helps in predicting the probability of patient appointments

Patient’s missed appointments are long-standing issues affecting resource utilization and posing risks to the quality of healthcare services. Unattended medical appointments not only have a direct negative impact on patient‘s health, but, also lead to loss of anticipated revenue.

Hanu’s Predictive Appointment Management helps in predicting the probability of patients missing their appointments based on AI and Machine Learning programs that have changed the game for organizations.

Hanu offers a Predictive Analytics 4-Week Jumpstart Program that can drive insights into potential “Missed Appointments” and help to mitigate the impact of missed revenue while increasing patient care and satisfaction.

Our Predictive Appointment Management solution combines the power of Azure Synapse, Azure Machine Learning, and our deep healthcare industry experience.

Our team of certified specialists will guide you through a 4-week engagement to accelerate your predictive analytics journey and provide your organization with valued business outcomes, including:

  • Predict potential no-shows
  • Enable easy rescheduling recommendations
  • Increased successful appointment rates
  • Better patient outcomes

Predictive Analytics Jumpstart Program Process:

Week 1

  • Assess data environment
  • Create a high-level roadmap, evaluate models & requirements

Week 2 and 3

  • Setup Azure Infrastructure for POC
  • Enable data ingestion
  • Train Machine Learning Models and test results
  • Test and validate results

Week 4

  • Review and action on results
  • Socialize POC results
  • Knowledge Transfer: Codes and all artifacts for next level references

“It is predicted that a healthcare provider has an average of $200 per unused time slot and missed appointments cost the US healthcare system more than $150B a year."