Communication Platform: 4-Weeks Assessment

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

Communication Platform 4 weeks assessment will help to understand how modern Azure communication service will enables seem less transition from digital experience to phygital experience for customer.

Happiest Minds 4-week assessment will help you to understand how Azure communication services can be leveraged to develop a modern communication platform that enables phygital experience for your customer. Modern communication platform enables seem less transition from digital experience to phygital experience for your customer. A communication platform will be a good fit for any domain and scenario where customer service/experience comes into the picture. Key Highlights: • Empowering and mobilizing sales executive productivity. • Enhancing sales experience by tracking customer experience & Co-Browsing. • Virtual consultations over One-to-One/ One-To-Many chat/calls. • Increasing Sales Executive productivity and customer interaction by providing right recommendation with help of user behavior tracking. • Helps customer to interact with Sales agent from anywhere without meeting physically. • Improves Lead generation. Participation: Happiest Minds Consultants and Customer Stakeholders Duration: 4 weeks Week 1&2: • Communication Platform solution accelerator demo • Stakeholder interviews to understand AS-IS architecture and tech stack. • Identify key challenges and impediments and know constraints. Week 3: • User Journey Mapping & create wireframes • Fitment Analysis with Communication platform solution accelerator • Studies on additional tools/services required for the solution • Create the solution Blueprint Week 4: • Wireframe & Business Requirement walkthrough with business stakeholders • Solution blueprint walkthrough with stakeholders • Define engagement and implementation Strategy Deliverables: • Wireframes • Business Requirement documentation • Solution blueprint (High-Level Solution Architecture) documentation • High-level engagement & implementation plan Outcomes: • Assessment of current Communication channels used for customer experience. • Understand how modern communication platform helps to improve overall customer experience. • Implementation Roadmap