Advanced Analytics Data Platform: 2 Hour Briefing

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

Transform your Business by enabling visibility using Advanced Analytics capabilities on a Modern Data platform to achieve your Transformation goals leveraging Microsoft Azure

This 2-hour briefing helps organizations to get an understanding on how to enable and strengthen their supply chain and how to gain deeper insights by leveraging Advanced Analytics for use cases such as Sales Forecasting, Demand planning/forecasting, Inventory optimization etc., on a scalable, modular and flexible Modern Data Platform built using Azure services which ingests the data from heterogeneous sources, prepare, process and persist the data for Business Insights, Advanced Analytics use cases and for any Downstream Consumption and to transform your organization

Business benefits:

• Optimize your inventory cost leveraging the locked capital for other potential business areas and increase your revenue by reducing cost

• Forecast on sales to get better understanding on market and sales pipeline

• Better planning of your supply chain

The briefing will cover:

• An overview of Modern Data Platform with Advanced Analytics use cases

• Services in detail

• Architecture & tools

• Potential use cases

• Case Studies - Sharing our implementation experience

• Demo of the platform with Predictive use case


You will have a deeper understanding of how your organization could benefit from implementing Advanced Analytics use cases leveraging a Modern Data Platform and a how a project implementation would look like with a possible high level future roadmap to empower your team to get a better RoI