Well Architected Review - 15 Days Assessment

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited

Happiest Minds Azure Well-Architected Review is designed evaluate Azure workloads against the latest set of Azure best practices.

Happiest Minds design the Azure Well-Architected Review to be tailored to your needs on your unique cloud journey. Evaluate each workload against 5 pillars (cost management, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security) that matter for that workload, so when evaluating one of your mission-critical workloads, you might examine reliability, performance efficiency, and security first and then later come back and look at the other pillars to improve your operational efficiency and cost footprint The Azure Well-Architected Framework is divided into five pillars of architectural best practices: cost management, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security. These pillars help you effectively and consistently optimize your workloads against Azure best practices and the specific business priorities Reliability • Reliable workload is resilient and available 24x7, design and architecture to ensure an application returns to a fully functioning state after a failure occurs and ensuring a highly available workload • Apply resilience strategy at all levels of architecture and self-healing platform Security • Access key architectural considerations and principles for security and how they apply to Azure. • The security of complex systems depends on understanding the business context, social context, and technical context. As you design your system, cover these areas • Identity and access Management • Threat Protection • Cloud Security • Information Protection • Information Governance • Insider Risk Management • Compliance Management • Discover and Respond
Cost Optimization • Access ways to reduce unnecessary expenses and improve operational efficiencies. • Consider opportunity costs in your architecture, and the balance between first mover advantage versus fast follow. Use the cost calculators to estimate the initial cost and operational costs. Create policies, budgets, and controls that set cost limits for your workloads. Operational Excellence • Access operations and processes that keep an application running in production • Architect predictable deployments through automation and reduce chance of human errors • Propose fast and routine deployment processes, won't slow down the release of new features or bug fixes Performance Efficiency • Access workload to scale and meet future business demands • Apply scalability principles to architectures, define performance ability patterns • Principles to guide you in your overall strategy for improving performance efficiency • Monitor services and check the health state of current workloads to maintain overall workload performance

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of well architected review