Smart Manufacturing: 4 weeks Proof of Concept

Harman International Industries

Harman's Smart Connected Assets solution offers machine connectivity, visualization, analytics, and real-time actions. Unify machine data for improved performance predictions and minimized downtime.

HARMAN's Smart Connected Assets solution is designed to enhance asset performance and reliability by integrating Azure-based services. Our 4-week PoC offer delivers:

  1. Specific Failure Prediction Charts for assets and subcomponents based on OEM/OPS Parameters, with predictive maintenance and refined predictions as failure time approaches.
  3. Machine Monitoring:
    • Machine Remote Health Monitoring
    • Informative Persona Based Dashboards
    • Machine utilization & downtime statistics
    • Alerts, Alarms, Notifications near real-time
    • Real-time Time Series Analysis
  5. Predictive Analysis:
    • Root Cause & Diagnostic Analysis
    • Fault Detection
    • Fault Evaluation & Identification
    • Fault Handling and recovery
  7. Sensor | EDGE to Cloud:
    • Engineering services
    • Low-Cost Gateway Unit
    • Low-Cost Sensors
    • Support for different wired & wireless communication

These services integrate relevant Azure offerings, such as Azure IoT Hub, Azure Machine Learning, and Azure Stream Analytics, to provide a comprehensive, reliable, and scalable solution for your organization. Leverage HARMAN's expertise and accelerate your organization's journey towards efficient, reliable, and scalable Smart Connected Assets in Azure Cloud production environments.