HCL Azure Powered Integration Factory : 1-day Briefing

HCL Technologies

HCL Azur Powered Integration Factory as a Service is a consulting services framework for establishing a Managed Integration Service in an Enterprise on Azure in a factory model

ADvantage ZiFaaS is a fully-managed and scalable Enterprise-Integration service model that enables org-wide value stream(encapsulating products, applications, internal, external) through continuous delivery of large volume of integrations (interfaces & API's) in an economical and operationally-efficient manner, while also bringing continuous improvements & ensuring deliveries within the business & technical guardrails

A 1-day briefing on HCL ZiFaas Azure Integration factory to introduce the clients on Integration Challenges and HCL key propositions, showcasing our tailored solution blueprint to a full-fledged and factory-based Enterprise Integration Service resting on Azure iPaaS Platform. An answer on how to deliver modern ways of Enterprise-wide Integrations while clients gain from economies of scale and standardization through a fully-managed, scalable and flexible execution model.

Our 1-day briefing will cover below 3 aspects:

  1. Exploration a) Integration Vision & Imperatives b) Business & IT needs & challenges c) Key driving factors and motivations d) Patterns and standards

  2. Blueprinting a) Playback Integration Capabilities (As-is) b) Gap Analysis detail c) Integration Capabilities & Service Model d) Key Technical Recommendations e) Operational Inputs f) Approach to the fully-functional Integration Factory Set-up g) Benefits, Value-Adds & Frameworks h) Best practices & standards

  3. Execution & Operations a) Current Operating Model details b) Recommended Operation Model c) Flexibility & Scalability with the right-fit Operating Model d) Customer Examples

By the end of the briefing, client will have a good understanding of HCL's capabilities on three key pillars - explorations, blueprint of an Enterprise-wise Integration Service Model tailored to client’s vision and operating environment while also ascertaining value additions and advantages that ZiFaaS brings to the table.