HCLTech GenAI Architecture & Environment Set-up. "3-Weeks Implementation"

HCL Technologies Limited.

Implementing a secure environment with HCLTech reference architecture and Azure-native Services to experiment with generative AI use cases

The HCLTech GenAI Architecture & Environment offering intends to create an optimized Azure Gen AI architecture to monetize the data and realize better and more effective business potential with a 3 week period leveraging Azure native services and other tools/technology if required.

Approach: A 3-phased approach, Discover-Design-Deliver will be adopted for setting up the Generative AI Pilot Environment.

Discovery (Week-1):

  •	 Understand overall technical landscape, Ways of Working, Process Orientation, Security Policies 
    (Information Security, IP Protection)  etc.
  •	 Understand the needs & objectives of Gen AI Pilot Environment
  •	 Select the appropriate Azure native services, any other tools & technologies if required

Design (Week 2-3):

  •	 Leverage Reference Architecture and Create detailed design of the Pilot Environment with to-be-architecture, 
     infrastructure, and security components aligned to Azure-native services
  •	 Gain access to the Pilot Environment and all required cloud/ software license and services 

Deliver (Week 3-4):

  •	 Develop and prepare the Pilot Environment, ensuring proper integrations and workflows
  •	 Set-up servers, networking requirements, configure data storage and processing systems etc.
  •	 Thoroughly test the Pilot Environment to ensure it functions as needed


 •	 Gen AI Reference Architecture
 •  Environment to help build use cases – that leverages Azure Data Services, Predictive + Cognitive + Generative AI features + any other tool/technology if required