HCLTech ADvantage Pega Code Scanner for Azure: 8-Wk Assessment Services

HCL Technologies Limited.

ADvantage Pega Code Scanner enhances code quality, increases productivity in Pega code development, and assists with design, security, and consistent analysis for Pega.

The HCLTech ADvantage Pega Code Scanner for Azure helps in performing design, security, and consistency analysis for Pega in order to enhance Pega code quality and significantly boost productivity in the development code review process. It performs an automatic analysis of the Pega code base in comparison to the pre-established client-specific best practices, highlighting any rules that are broken and providing a Code Quality Scorecard. The tool includes over 50 additional built-in best practices that supplement the Pega Guardrails and are based on delivery experiences and widespread coding best practices.

Code Scanner for Azure is built as a highly malleable & independent component and easily fits in any functional area or industry domain.

Some of the key features of Code Scanner that assist in catalyzing the Pega implementation and improve the efficiency and code quality are:

  1. Automate scaffolding to enable developers to focus on the business functions Implementations
  2. Codified best practices replacing just documentations
  3. Scans for rules with security vulnerabilities
  4. Seamless integration with CI/CD DevSecOps pipeline
  5. Scan Bot (Pega IVA – Interactive Virtual Assistant powered) feature for developer self-help assistance for code quality validation
  6. On demand security scans and PII data scans in the log statements
  7. Easy configurable design for incorporating additional customer-specific custom warnings
  8. Exhaustive report generation of custom warnings with rule name, step, details of the warning etc..
  9. Supports personas such as Developers, Architect, Leads, Scrum masters, DevSecOps engineer, Technical Managers, Centre of Excellence Teams, etc.
  10. User stories are created in your scrum tool for each of the custom warnings to make track it to closure
  11. Additionally, Code Scanner is available as a wizard, as a bot, as an agent, as a service


  1. Enhanced Code Quality: Improve Code quality from lower environment and release the scrutinized code to production; Reduces technical debt inheritance

  2. Developer Experience: Improve Developer Experience [DevEx] and reduce Code-Smells or technical-debt inheritance

  3. Increased productivity: Enables developers to focus on solving business problems, Improved consistency and standardization across development teams.

  4. Reduced effort: Reduce implementation timelines, speed up Time-To-Market

  5. Supports DevOps: Provides REST APIs which can be integrated with your CICD pipeline to execute code scanner before you deploy to higher environment

  6. Ease of Usage: Model-driven automated code validation for scaffolding components makes it easily maintainable & configurable