HCLTech Quantum Computing Fluidic Capability Centers

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCLTech Technologies offers unique capabilities for establishing fluidic exploration team structures and forming key ecosystem connects with Microsoft Azure Quantum at the core.

Developing a dedicated QC business unit is an end-to-end lifecycle of quantum journey for an organization & is a tedious task, especially financially. We would support in creating a Fluidic Exploration team structure with co-directors, advisory panel, internal talent, skill development around Microsoft azure quantum and forming key quantum ecosystem partnerships. This fluidic workforce would foster collaboration & typically have a higher level of flexibility pertaining to research, for conquering new technologies, and creating innovative prototypes. HCLTech would help in bringing these like-minded people from within the organization and start the quantum journey, identifying viable pilot use cases and conducting early pilot planning on azure quantum. Initial partnerships will be established with the ecosystem networks both locally and globally to build capabilities and defining the roadmap.

Who should avail this service?

• CEO, CTO, Govt. Bodies

What does this briefing include?

The session will be focused around : • Our proprietary processes and approach • Identify, • Build, and • Scale QC expertise within your organization.