HCLTech's Quantum Computing Services

HCL Technologies Limited.

HCLTech offers unique inspirations for exploring & kick-starting your quantum computing journey on Microsoft Azure cloud.

From time to time, you may have been inspired—but have you ever thought about what inspiration is, and the effect it has on you? The term is frequently linked with creativity. For instance, one might "wait for inspiration" before starting a creative project. By exploring open innovation ecosystem, we bring to you the inspirations for helping technology enthusiasts understand the basics around Quantum Computing including Azure Quantum - an open ecosystem comprising of the most innovative quantum computing and optimization solutions. This process will enable you to kick-start your QC exploration journey spear-headedly.

Who should avail this service?

• Anyone who is interested in exploring the domain of quantum computing.

What does this Briefing include ?

• 2 quantum computing inspirational webinars

• Business oriented webinar would include market research (startup ecosystem scan + investment trends + market intelligence) across industry specific quantum computing segments

• Technical oriented webinar would talk about what makes a quantum computing different from classical computing including introduction to Azure Quantum – Blocks, QDK, Q# use cases