Service 360 Chain Analytics - 1 Day Briefing

HCL Technologies

Service 360 Chain Analytics is an integrated analytics platform that leverages structured and unstructured data to provide actionable insights and early warning signals on asset health

The One Day briefing on Service 360 Chain Analytics offerings will include topics on how the offering aids in -Remotely monitoring asset health, performance -Descriptive Analytics through Extended Enterprise Dashboard -Machine Learning Algorithms can be developed -KPIs across the Value Chain -Actionable insights -Predicting the probability of slippage of a customer order, predicting lost shipment and predicting manufacturing delays

Service 360 Chain Analytics Get a single, unified view of service operations across the Service Lifecycle Management, SLM Process. The Service Chain Analytics captures, organizes and consolidates master, transactional and installed base data from disparate sources, including machine and other digital data, to give you visible insight and unified control across your entire service chain

Key Features Integrated Analytics Platform Predictive Maintenance & BI Real Time – IOT/Alerts & Recommendations Improved SLM

Technology Stack -Azure Data Factory -Azure Synapse/SQL -Azure Data Lake -Azure Event Hub -Azure Data Bricks/ HDInisght -Azure Azure Analysis Services -Azure Machine Learning -Power BI

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