Azure DevOps with EAZe - 1 Day Briefing

HCL Technologies

1 Day Briefing to help client understand HCL’s Azure DevOps solution using EAZe Solution propositions & Capabilities, Legacy Modernization approaches, Application Optimization, cloud Migration.

1 Day Briefing will cover HCL’s Azure DevOps solution using EAZe (Expedited MAturity Elevation towards Zero-Touch Ecosystem). It is a Maturity Elevation Framework centered around Azure DevOps…

The framework puts together a comprehensive model to define various stages of DevOps Maturity. The EAZe output becomes the baseline to devise next-level strategy and roadmap to higher maturity.

How EAZe helps our customers?

  1. Expediated DevOps Implementation

    • Lets comprehensively review existing DevOps maturity
    • Sees through various lenses – i.e. people, process, automation, technology, measurement when it comes to implementing, scaling, maturing and governing DevOps practices
    • Helps in doing broader calibration across all aspects and define the roadmap to higher maturity
    • Brings to the table tools, assets and accelerators that help expedite DevOps implementation
  2. DevOps @ Scale

    • Provides proven methodologies to address key problems, and to scale DevOps to enterprise level
    • Addresses key hurdles encountered in the journey to scaling and maturing DevOps
  3. Continuous Improvements

    • Helps in continuously improvements with latest DevOps practices and technological advancements

The framework puts together a model to define various stages of DevOps Maturity.

The model is then translated into a comprehensive DevOps Maturity template, which helps on DevOps maturity across all aspects – culture, processes, technology and measurement

The strategy and roadmap assimilates EAZe’s tools, accelerators and prescriptive approaches to expedite the journey.

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