HCL Azure Private LTE offering - 1 Day Assessment

HCL Technologies

HCL Azure Private LTE/5G networks assessment to help companies easily deploy application & virtualized network functions with with a low edge latency and high bandwidth of Edge Zones and 5G networks

HCL offers E2E services from consulting to operations management of high quality & low cost private networks.

Key Solution Tenets:
1. E2E Orchestration Solution development on top of ACMP
2. SON integration, E2E orchestration of workloads
3. MEC Analytics solution for Edge Analytics use cases
4. Use Case development for Private Networks

Phase 1 - "Define"
1) Private Network Kit – An assessment of clients environment to define Private Network solution. Complete definition of Networks for RAN, MEC and Core
2) Deployment & Hosting – Define how Networks will be deployed. All functions can be hosted on-premise in enterprise DC or hybrid cloud
3) Define strategy for integration of Network Support systems with Operator’s IT systems
4) Use Case – Assess clients environment and define use cases, strategy including IoTization of devices, IoT integration etc
5) TCO Analysis for solution feasibility, cost & time estimates.

Phase 2 - "Build"
1) Site Planning & Design - Network design, RF design & deployment plan
2) RAN design – CBRS or Private 5G deployment. Integration plan with Wi-Fi and other networks
3) Devices / User / SIM onboarding – Design HSS/ subscriber management solution
4) Design & integration with Public networks
5) Azure Edge deployment, Service Assurance & Network operations to manage Private Networks
6) Deployment of ICE.X for device management, Edge Analytics solution, SON for E2E management

Phase 3 - "Run" Stage
1) Managed services for Private network based on agreed SLA
2) OSS / Operations solutions, onboard new users, automation of workflows for device onboarding
3) Leverage existing NOCs or add dedicated NOCs with tiered support.

Key Benefits Offered:
1. UseCaseAsAService – 15+ Solutions
2. Distributed design with Azure Edge Zones, cloud native solutions
3. High Scalable Private LTE network
4. Cost Optimized Networks