Migrate Service to Azure Stack 3-day Assessment

HCL Technologies

HCL Migrate services to Azure Stack help client run its private cloud with cloud-native apps using Azure services on-premises. It extends cloud capabilities from DC to edge locations & remote offices.

HCL EdgeLITy is a 360-degree framework available to digitize Remote sites & Edge locations, encompassing the best practices of Operations, Security governance, Network modernization and Process management. Acting as a platform to build Operational intelligence for connected enterprises. It covers verticalized Edge based Solutions to meet the growing data demand with connected devices in IT/ OT paradigm. Promote Edge based Use Cases among connected and Smart Operations, complimented by framework & support

Key Industry Use Cases Include:

  1. Manufacturing Insights
  2. Retail Foot Fall Insight
  3. Image Analytics
  4. Health Care- Patient
  5. AR /VR/ XR services
  6. Autonomous driving
  7. Production Planning
  8. Equipment Utilization & Optimization

HCL's Migrate Services to Azure Stack covers

  1. Run Azure connected or disconnected cloud
  2. Consistent application development/operations. available on-premises
  3. Hybrid by design, Native integration with Azure Arc and Azure monitor enabling global monitoring, centralized management
  4. Enterprise scale and price performance, Millions of IOPs and batch requests with Storage Spaces Direct, Per core monthly subscription to scale up or down
  5. Hardware as a Service, managed in Azure, gives client an on-premises infrastructure platform
  6. Edge compute run applications of clients choice at its location, close to its data
  7. Hardware-accelerated ML analyze your data for quick, actionable insights with built in acceleration for AI and ML
  8. Transfer data, efficiently and easily between cloud & edge

HCL’s migrate framework include 4 step process:

  1. Consult & Scan
  2. Define & design
  3. Build & migrate
  4. Run & Manage

HCL's 3-day Assessment would cover consult & scanning of clients IT & applications environment, business case, hybrid roadmaps, use cases etc.

Key Deliverables of 3-day assessment :

  1. Hybrid Cloud Readiness
  2. Target Deployment Model
  3. Migration Services high level scope & Project Plan
  4. Effort Estimates