HCL Azure Cloud Operation Support with ElasticOps : 1 Day Briefing

HCL Technologies

HCL Services support customers Azure Cloud instance, based on AI-powered automation based operations services

HCLTech's ElasticOps is an Artificial Intelligence-driven technology operations that uses smart algorithms to provide zero-touch automation of tasks and processes. It brings the power of AI, Autonomics and Orchestration to simplify IT and business operations.

By implementing industry recommended best practices to maintain Azure infrastructure, HCLTech ElasticOps simplifies Azure operations, safeguards the Azure environment from threats and reduces operational overheads. It performs all the heavy lifting and unburdens you from unpredictable monthly costs.

HCLTech ElasticOps for Azure provides an integrated and customized suite of services to achieve enterprise class scalability, performance and availability with a focus on innovation.

Key Features of the service:

  1. NLP and AI-powered zero-touch automation remediation
  2. Machine Learning enabled collaboration and algorithm driven event correlation
  3. Proactive Azure management life cycle
  4. Algorithm based near real-time reporting and analytics
  5. End-to-end business and IT process automation across the stack
  6. Scalable architecture, tools and resources
  7. Strong process and compliance

Key benefits:

  1. Fast time-to-value (plug-and-play framework)
  2. Scale up/down as per business requirements
  3. Flexible pay per use pricing
  4. End-to-end visibility and automation
  5. Unified reporting
  6. Catalogue based Services
  7. Predictive analytics based FinOps
  8. Flexible Services Windows & Customizable SLA's
  9. Scalable Delivery Model

Technologies Supported:

  1. Servers: Azure Virtual Machines (Public Cloud VMs), Azure VMWare Services, Azure PaaS
  2. Operating systems: All OS available on Azure (All available versions of Windows and flavor Linux)
  3. Azure Storages (All storage services of Azure)
  4. Azure Cloud Native
  5. Azure Network Services
  6. Azure Stack Edge, Azure Stack HPC and Azure Stack Hub
  7. Azure Application Services
  8. Sensors

Service Levels: ElasticOps services are provided with the following service levels. These service levels are measured and reported on a monthly basis. Tiered SLA options offered depending upon your business requirements, architecture and needs.

Below are the uptimes ensured:

Platinum: 99.99% Gold: 99.9% Silver: 99.5% Bronze: 99%

Response time:

Priority 1 : 15 minutes; Priority 2 : 30 minutes Priority 3 : 2 hours Priority 4 : 4 hours

Resolution: Priority 1 : 2 hours Priority 2 : 6 hours Priority 3 : 2 business days Priority 4 : 3 business days

Support Coverage: HCL ElasticOps for Microsoft Azure offers three levels support coverage viz. 24/7, 16/5 and 8/5 These can be mixed and matched at a subscription level, aligned to your workload and business needs.