HCLTech CAF aligned Azure Migration Service

HCL Technologies Limited.

This is 3 week Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) aligned workshop for Readiness Assessment of current environment, Cloud Strategy & Roadmap, defining best practices for migrating workloads to Azure Cloud

HCLTech's Cloud Migration 3 Weeks Workshop is designed to help you answer these questions and guide you through the first two phases of Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF): Strategy and Plan. CAF is a proven methodology that provides best practices, tools, and guidance for cloud adoption across the enterprise. By following CAF, you can ensure that your cloud migration is aligned with your business motivations, desired outcomes, and readiness.

The workshop is delivered by HCLTech's certified cloud experts, who have extensive experience in migrating and modernizing workloads to Azure. The workshop consists of three main activities:

Strategy: In the first week, we will help you understand your motivations for cloud adoption, identify your desired business outcomes, and define your business justification and case for cloud.

Plan: In the second and third weeks, we will help you take inventory of your digital estate, create a cloud adoption plan, and prioritize your workloads based on their business impact and technical complexity.

Assessment: Throughout the workshop, we will use DPrizm, a tool built on a patented cloud assessment framework, to evaluate your workloads for technology suitability, application complexity, demand elasticity, availability, level of integration, data security, and sensitivity.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive the following key deliverables:

IaaS/PaaS Readiness Index: A score that indicates how ready your workloads are for migration to Azure infrastructure and platform services.

Application Treatment Assessment: A recommendation on the best migration approach for each workload, such as re-host (lift and shift), re-factor, re-platform, re-architect, or re-containerize.

Target Deployment Model: A suggestion on the optimal Azure service and configuration for each workload, such as virtual machines, app services, containers, or serverless.

Migration Complexity Assessment: A rating of the level of effort and risk involved in migrating each workload to Azure.

High Level Migration Plan: A roadmap that outlines the steps, timelines, and resources required for your cloud migration project.

Design and Implementation Effort Estimates: A ballpark estimate of the cost and duration of your cloud migration project, based on the assessment results and best practices.