HCLTech's Document HyperAutomation Framework (iDoRAN)

HCL Technologies Limited.

iDoRAN, our cutting-edge document automation solution designed for document management. With a suite of powerful capabilities, iDoRAN excels at handling different document and data types.

Image Data Optimizer and Automation

iDoRAN is an AI-Powered Intelligent Document Hyper Automation framework, that leverages best in class Computer Vision & Text Mining capabilities to uncover critical business insights. Using re-usable modular components, iDoRAN enables automated images and document correction, extraction, validation, enrichment, classification, & analysis, transforming unstructured documents into beneficial business value. With Innovation at its core, iDoRAN helps companies significantly improve Operational Efficiency, Cost Savings & Customer Experience.

The Consulting Service offers Business Benefits:

  • Enables automatic images and documents correction, extraction, validation, enrichment, classification, & analysis of unstructured data using re-usable modular components to uncover critical business insights. ​
  • It will lead to reduction in process time, human manual effort, reducing chances of errors, enhancing efficiency eventually leading to better profit.

Offers Solutions Across:

  • Invoice Extraction and Insights
  • Contract Abstraction and Validation
  • Engineering Drawing Extraction
  • Unstructured Engineering Data Analytics
  • Document Alteration Detector Discovery

Azure Services consumed for this are as below:

  • Azure CDN, AKS
  • Azure AD, Blog Storage
  • Azure VMs, Azure LB
  • Azure API GW


  • iDoRAN extracts business relevant data from unstructured documents such as PDFs, images, videos.

  • It uncovers critical insights by analyzing unstructured data and efficiently classifying it for further analysis.

  • iDoRAN enhances image clarity for precise data insights and seamlessly extracts business metadata such as weight, dimensions and measurements, line numbers, engineering symbols etc. from documents like CAD drawings, engineering manuals and engineering specifications.

  • It includes AI-powered image and video extraction, validation, and feedback capabilities to streamline the entire brand artifact approval process.

  • iDoRAN has the capability of automated image correction and drawing comparison.

Pricing Models: iDoRAN primarily works on two pricing models:

  1. Pay per go/ Per page pricing: Under this model, clients are charged based on number pages to be processed. Estimated figure:

    a. $1 for 100,000 pages b. $0.9 for >100,000 and <250,000pages c. $0.8 for >250,000 pages

  2. License pricing: In this model, clients purchase licenses for a set of users who can access the solution.

    a. Basic plan: $5000 for 10k pages per month b. Pro license: $8000 for 10k pages per month

NOTE: Prices mentioned above are arbitrary based on few assumptions. This service is priced based on the scope of your request. Please contact seller for pricing details: iDoRAN@hcl.in