Realtime Manufacturing Insight 3Day Implementation

HCL Technologies

Real-time Manufacturing Insights (RMI) solution, by IoT WoRKS™, HCL Technologies, enables real-time operational visibility using its predictive & prescriptive analytics capabilities

The 3 day implementation will help showcase the capability on how the RMI Solution will enable customer's to get real-time operational visibility from Shop-floor to Top-floor. The RMI solution leverages Microsoft Azure to provide predictive & prescriptive analytics, and provides insights and recommendations about near-future performance of business critical assets.

The implementation will help customers to understand the below pointers about the capabilities of the RMI solution

  • How the framework suggests corrective measures in case of a deviation from the set target
  • How the solution integrates with ERP, SCADA, MES systems making it robust and flexible
  • How using various predictive and prescriptive methods of action-driven analytics it helps the manufacturing plant with further data analysis


  • Understanding of the System Integration and Configuration requirements
  • Explanation of Role Based Visualization and Drill-down functionality features
  • Illustration of the Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics capabilities
  • Overview of Trend Analysis, Alerts, Device Management and Cost Analysis on OEE Loss
  • Details around Reporting, Security and Customer Specific Customization.