Actian Avalanche DW on Azure 2 Hour Workshop

HCL Technologies

Actian Avalanche on Azure hybrid cloud data warehouse delivers up to 20x performance at half the cost of alternative solutions

The 2 hour workshop for Actian Avalanche on Azure will help you get started with our experts, who will explain the technology and guide you through key features as you experience the product firsthand.

Key Azure hosted Cloud Solution Value Propositions are

  1. Superior Analytics Performance - for the Data-Driven Enterprise Actian Avalanche on Azure service designed from the ground up to deliver high performance and scale across all dimensions – data volume, concurrent user, and query complexity.

  2. It is a true hybrid platform that can enable you to migrate or offload applications and data to the cloud at your own pace.

  3. Best price-performance compared to other solutions, including a 50% lower cost guarantee vs Snowflake

  4. Low-risk migration – Enables data to be kept on-premises due to compliance requirements or other business restrictions

  5. Federated query – Executes queries that access data from both on-premises and cloud data stores at the same time without any data movement

  6. Hybrid – Seamlessly runs in the cloud and on-premises using the same technology – one technology to deploy and manage

  7. Modern analytics – Incorporates Hadoop, Kafka, streaming, mobile and IoT data, and connects to AI/ML applications

  8. Separation of compute and storage – Pay only for what you use

  9. Scale out to hundreds of nodes & petabytes of data.

Join this workshop to experience the blazing fast performance of Avalanche for yourself. In this hands-on virtual introduction, you will work with Actian’s product experts to learn how to get started with Avalanche on Azure in minutes.

What you’ll learn:

  1. Overview of Avalanche’s innovative hybrid architecture
  2. Creating Avalanche clusters with instant elasticity
  3. Easily loading structured and semi-structured JSON data from popular SaaS and enterprise applications with pre-built templates
  4. Performing complex queries with blazing speed
  5. Examples of Avalanche analytics applied across different use cases