HCL WVD Implementation Services

HCL Technologies

HCL Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) 6 Week Pilot will help in providing highly intelligent, flexible, secure and Digital Workspace on the go by leveraging cloud-optimized technology.

HCL Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution aims to deliver an unmatched virtual desktop and application experience on Azure. The 6 week pilot implementation of the Cloud Workspace solution will help us in showcase the capability of a highly intelligent, flexible, secure and Digital Workspace on the go by leveraging cloud-optimized technology.

The pilot will demonstrate solutions capability around centralized management, seamless support and no-sweat usage which is highly scalable due to on-demand scaling up and down of compute, memory and storage resources. The solution provides option of reutilization of existing licenses and a consumption-aligned pay-out model. Further, it provides safe and assured access to users with high level of control for a secure experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Overview on how clients can create personalized & intuitive workspaces-on-the-go which adapt to user need
  • Understanding if the client application landscape is suitable for moving to Cloud Workspace
  • Insights on enhanced end user experience
  • Detailed quantified assessment of cost vs benefit to make a rational choice to move to a VDI environment or not
  • Quantification of user experience with UX Score: Real-time & Historical Analysis of workplace performance, Auto-remediation of issues, Correlation models for predictive support

Key Outcomes

By the end of the workshop, the customers will have complete understanding of Cloud Workspace on Azure (WVD) and the key deliverables

  • Superior economics and experience driven by infrastructure, licensing and application compatibility
  • Detailed insights on Improved user experience
  • Details around Cost efficiency due to multi-session support and utilization of the existing licenses
  • Insights on centralized management and optimization technology to manage WVD workloads
  • Working of AI-Ops powered diagnostics
  • How it empowers users by integrating augmented capabilities, self-service options, cognitive virtual assistant – LUCY