HCLTech's Services for Azure VMware Solution

HCL Technologies Limited.

2-weeks Assessment aims to assess the clients migration readiness to seamlessly move VMware-based workloads from its datacenter to Azure and integrate the VMware environment with Azure.

With the Azure VMware Solution (AVS), customers can seamlessly move their VMware-based workloads from its datacenter to Azure and integrate the VMware environment with Azure.

HCLTech AVS 2.0 Solution Capabilities include

  1. HCL AVS solution helps client increase productivity with elasticity, scale, and fast provisioning cycles.
  2. Our Solution allows to create vSphere VMs in the Azure portal via API calls or CLI, automate deployments.
  3. Helps enhance workloads with full range of Azure compute, monitor, backup, database, IoT & AI services.
  4. Helps client manage its existing environments with the familiar VMware tools, while allowing to modernize its applications with Azure native services.
  5. 150+ AVS functionality and use cases validated and tested by HCL

HCLTech's AVS Migration Journey is spread across 6 phases viz Strategy, Plan, Ready, Adopt, Govern and Manage as defined in Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework(CAF).

This assessment adopts the best practices defined under the "Strategy" & "Plan" phases of CAF.

"Strategy" Phase

  1. Understand motivations - reasons for AVS adoption strategy.
  2. Identify desired business outcomes - Establish clear AVS solution business outcomes. Use CAF templates to align stakeholders and decision makers on deciding which outcomes to prioritize. 3 Define business justifications - project the business impact of cloud adoption strategy.

"Plan" Phase

  1. Take inventory of clients digital estate - Catalog all workloads, applications, data sources, virtual machines, and other IT assets for migration to Azure cloud using AVS Solution.
  2. Create Migration Plan by prioritizing workloads based on business impact & technical complexity.
  3. Document the findings showcasing the long term transformational business benefits.

HCLTech AVS Assessment Deliverables:

  1. Azure VMware Solution Readiness
  2. Target Deployment Model
  3. Migration Complexity Assessment
  4. High Level Migration Plan
  5. Design & Implementation Effort Estimates