Apps & Data Modernization on Azure-2 Hour Workshop

Hexaware Technologies

Eliminate commercial DB & middleware cost by adopting open source on Azure and get TCO benefits of 60%. Join our free customized workshop to know how to achieve these benefits using Hexaware’s AMAZE®

Commercial Database like Oracle & Middleware like WebLogic become blockers for cloud migration and modernization journey due to licensing constrains. Eliminating these costly middleware and database by re-platforming them to open source on Azure will provide significant TCO benefits without compromising on critical features and performance.

Our AMAZE platform has the capability to re-platforming commercial database and middleware to Azure open source platforms that significantly helps to reduce TCO by up to 60%.

Apart from this, AMAZE® also automatically optimizes your Legacy monolith .NET & JAVA applications that uses these middleware and databases to ensure they run with high availability & performance On Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or Azure App service to fully utilize cloud native capabilities thereby providing a holistic approach to the modernization process.

The capabilities of AMAZE® includes:

  • Re-platform On-Prem Oracle database to PostgreSQL on Azure
  • Re-platform WebLogic application server to Tomcat on Azure App service
  • Re-platform message brokers like Microsoft messaging queue, Oracle service bus to Azure service bus
  • Re-platform legacy monolith JAVA/.NET applications to modern cloud architecture

All the above capabilities are executed by AMAZE® with a high degree of automation that allows for a 70% faster assessment & migration and in a cost-effective way compared to manual methods that lowers the cost of migration.

We begin by requesting customers to fill up a questionnaire about the application, data, and middleware landscape before the value discovery workshop co-branded with Microsoft

Workshop activities :

  • Discussion on Architecture for transformation
  • Discussion on application dependencies and interfaces
  • Discussion on Azure target options

Deliverables :

  • Architectural transformation
  • Azure solution
  • Risks & mitigation approach
  • Migration approach
  • Indicative timelines
  • Indicative ROI

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