Azure VMware Migration(Windows)-4 days Assessment

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware’s Infrastructure assessment of your Windows machines on VMWare using AMAZE provides quick assessment and helps accelerate your migration by up to 70% faster due to automation.

As a Microsoft certified expert managed service partner, Hexaware can provide you with a detailed assessment of your on-prem Infrastructure (VMWare) and enable smooth and predictable transition to cloud.

Our proprietary tool AMAZE for Infrastructure accelerates the assessment process by leveraging automation up to 90% and maintaining security.

Our assessment activities include:

Day 1 – Collect & install

  • Kick off session to collect information from the customer pertaining to on-premise VMWare infrastructure.
  • Collect data for determining ROI after cloud movement
  • Installation and configuration of the assessment agent to discover the workloads

Day 2 – Discovery and Assessment

  • Discover workloads and perform automated assessment
  • Time taken for the automated assessment may vary depending on the number of on prem VM’s. Estimated assessment time is 1 day for 100 VM’s.

Day 3 – Landing zone configuration

  • Understanding the additional services requirement
  • Designing the high-level architecture

Day 4 – Deliverables

  • Present business case and findings
  • Cloud readiness of the VM’s
  • A detailed sizing plan for migration
  • Forecasted cost of Azure consumption post migration based on the current on-prem workload discovered during assessment.
  • Indicative ROI after movement to cloud
  • The cost of Azure consumption is divided in 3 categories to provide customers with the flexibility to choose: ** Pay as you Go ** 1-year subscription
    ** 3 years subscription
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