Azure Support and Management - 1 Wk Implementation

Hexaware Technologies

Experience a fully compliant, governed, and secured cloud infrastructure that helps you optimize cloud consumption using our AMAZE platform

** Azure has several key components for security & compliance, network & connectivity, governance that ensures your cloud Infrastructure remains secured & compliant. However, lack of continuous monitoring & management of your Cloud infrastructure can lead to cost overruns and security failures that can have severe financial impacts. **

Hexaware’s amaze® platform provides an automated solution to your cloud management needs by providing a single control point to manage all the cloud resources and services. It is an automated self-service platform with minimal manual intervention that ensures your cloud infrastructure is efficiently managed and monitored for security, compliance, and optimization post migration.

Salient features of AMAZE include:

  • Automatically recommend key Azure components like Azure policies, Azure Tags, RBAC, MFA and other services based on continuous monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring and governance of the cloud landscape using automation
  • Automated Management of service requests that reduces response by times by 80%

Customers can choose from Gold or Platinum service offers based on their needs.

Gold –Provides an SLA of 245 support and resolution within 8 hrs Platinum – Provides an SLA of 247 support and resolution within 4 hrs

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