Data Warehouse Modernization: 2 Wk Free Assessment

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware’s AMAZE® helps enterprise realize limitless potential of cloud by moving legacy data warehouse appliances to Azure Synapse, while minimizing migration cost, time, and risk.

Why Azure Synapse Migration :

Legacy Data Warehouses have a fixed compute and storage ability, which prohibits enterprises from realizing their true business potential. It impacts scalability and cripple improvements due to high maintenance cost. By migrating to Azure Synapse, enterprises can overcome these challenges, gather insights at incredible speed and experience highest price-performance.

However, ETL migration for tools such as Informatica and SAS, and Visualization migration for COGNOS and SAP BO respectively, still proves to be a massive roadblock, which requires either complex logic or specific tool components supported at target end. Moreover, migrating to cloud itself can be cost-intensive, which typically eats into the ROI, as well as, the risks associated with migrating to cloud may delay the process. Enterprises therefore value a solution which is cost-effective, follows a risk mitigated approach, and does so in a time bound manner.

Hexaware’s Solution :

Hexaware’s AMAZE® carries out cost-effective re-platforming of entire data warehouse landscape to Synapse in a secure and timely manner. It ensures that the data is encrypted at rest as well as in transit. And moreover, for data reconciliation and performance optimization it carries out data and performance testing respectively – at both pre as well as post migration stage.

Its capabilities include:

  • Re-platforming Data Store to Synapse Analytics.
  • Re-platforming or Repointing ETL tool to Azure Data Factory or Synapse, respectively.
  • Re-platforming or Repointing Reporting tool to Power BI or Synapse, respectively.

Agenda :

  • Understanding business, technical and security requirements
  • Application Functionality Mapping and Object Inventory
  • Business case preparation
  • Complexity & Fit-Gap analysis of Schema, ETL, Reporting Layer, Dependencies, Usage

Key Deliverables:

  • Business case with expected ROI
  • Complexity analysis report
  • Fit-Gap report
  • Detailed migration plan