Empowering Data Analytics with Azure Data Factory

Hexaware Technologies

Built a Unified Data Analytics platform for a top Architectural Products and Services Firm. Leveraged Snowflake on Azure to consolidate reports, migrate data, and deploy automated data pipelines.

A US-based leading architectural products and services firm partnered with Hexaware to modernize their data platform. They wanted to embark on a transformative journey due to current challenges such as inconsistencies, varied tools, data redundancy, and a lack of information and artifacts in their data landscape. Hexaware played a strategic role in building a modern cloud data platform on Azure.

We built a Unified Data Platform, streamlining processes, optimizing operations, and establishing an enterprise single source of truth through Master Data Management (MDM). We prioritized financial reporting, developing data models for core business entities with full historical preservation.

The solution materialized with a cloud data platform-based warehouse on Azure, leveraging Azure Data Factory (ADF) as a repository for Profitability Business reporting. A metadata-based framework facilitated seamless integration from multiple sources, supported by a scalable data model tailored for Profitability needs. Postproduction support was semi-automated.

We played a pivotal role in Azure Data Factory setup, incorporating ADLS Gen2, Blob Storage, Resource Groups, and Snowflake. Custom Lineage, built with APIs, enabled custom source connectors, enhancing both Agile data extraction and MDM data movement.

Efficiency soared as manual efforts were replaced with Microsoft Azure tools, enabling batch and near real-time data aggregation. Rigorous data quality checks during processing enhanced financial reporting accuracy. Best practices in data governance unified regulations and processes across the enterprise.

The transformative benefits were evident: faster data availability, improved data integration, and analytics for business users. Our Metadata-based ingestion framework enhanced efficiency and ensured seamless onboarding of new sources, driven by reusable code.

In summary, our solution addressed challenges and laid a foundation for a robust, efficient, and unified data ecosystem. A testament to our commitment to innovation, it sets the stage for future growth and continuous innovation in data management.