XR/MR Hololens on Azure: 8-Wk Imp

Hexaware Technologies

Hexaware’s XR/Hololens Services on Azure enable organizations to disrupt employee & customer experience using XR Tech Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Head mounted displays, Hololens

Hexaware’s XR/HoloLens Services on Azure offering helps organizations to get started on a broad spectrum of (XR) Extended Reality/Vision technologies powered by Azure. Hexaware’s deep enterprise expertise in this bleeding edge technology has enabled number of customers to disrupt in their respective space. XR/HoloLens offering supports domains such as Education, Manufacturing, Airlines, Retail, Healthcare, Fintech and Hospitality to name a few. Hexaware’s strong expertise in the enterprise world of extended reality helps create a perfect blend of solutions targeting high value ROI using Azure cloud services and Immersive environments. XR/HoloLens Services on Azure provides; * Services to build Microsoft Azure cognitive services driven next generation apps & solutions; * Augmented Reality Apps * Mixed Reality Experiences * Immersive Virtual Environments * Remote Assistant and Instant Experts using Head-mounted displays & Microsoft HoloLens 2 * Immersive training simulations in VR that are difficult, expensive or impossible to re-create in real life * Computer Vision solutions

  • XR Methodology that enables rapid turnaround time of 8 weeks in an iterative model.
  • Hexaware’s Factory Model helps enterprises to industrialize XR through its entire lifecycle & disruptions. How would your industry look when the line between physical & virtual world gets blurred? Tomorrow does not happen by itself. Tomorrow is created block by block today. Let’s define the future & build the tomorrow. Offer : Hexaware offers the following to help get Organization started
  • Art of possible workshop - To get stakeholders ignited with hands-on immersive sessions to help ideate on high priority use-cases
  • Rapid POC – Build & Showcase proof of concept in 8 weeks.
  • Provide road map for industrialization