Modern Data Platform: 10-Wk implementation

Hitachi Solutions

Hitachi Solutions is offering a 10-week implementation of Modern Data Platform as a catalyst for change in the way that you create, consume, and communicate information within your business.

Hitachi Solutions is excited to offer a 10-week implementation of Modern Data Platform. Using our Agile project management and templates to speed construction, Hitachi Solutions is able to build a foundation for future value-added increments and enable your team to own the solution going forward.

The Modern Data Platform is the only enterprise-grade, hybrid and cloud solution built for powerful, scalable, and affordable self-service analytics.

Key Solution Features

  • Full PaaS solution
  • Power of the Microsoft Data Platform
  • Infrastructure as Code (Dev, UAT and Prod environments)
  • Solution deployed to production environment
  • Fit-for-purpose solution with ability to scale
  • Provides the foundation on which to build a robust data and analytics environment


  • Up to 5 Power BI Reports in a single dashboard
  • Data sourcing from up to 2 systems
  • DevOps practices (Azure DevOps, CI/CD)
  • Agile Project Management
  • Client team enablement
  • Build a foundation for future value-added increments
  • Development of backlog to continue to drive value
  • Templates to speed construction