Hitachi Solutions: Data Quality: 4-Wk Assessment

Hitachi Solutions

ENGAGE WITH DATA GOVERNANCE ARCHITECTS WHO WILL GIVE YOU STEP-BY-STEP, PERSONALIZED GUIDANCE on your data quality status for both operational and analytics master data in your Azure environment.

Sign-up for a 4-week engagement with Data Governance Architects who will give you step-by-step, personalized guidance on both operational and analytics master data for a given Azure domain. Our experts will evaluate your current data strategy and provide a complete roadmap to sh ow you how to get the most out of your available data.


Week 1

  • Identify master data domain for analysis based on business needs.
  • Meet with key business users and IT staff to review business issues identified for the chosen domain area.
  • Review business processes and business terms associated with this domain and identify the major data source.

Week 2 and 3

  • Profile data from the identified data source and review data quality issues with key business and IT staff.
  • Document data quality issues.

Week 4

  • Package findings and recommendations on data quality.
  • Executive Presentation including proof of concept proposal