Developer Velocity 1-Week Workshop

Hitachi Solutions

Learn how to apply a framework to help your teams accelerate delivery, with higher quality and less burnout.

###Overview Innovation drives business results. Those who use the right tools, manage their technology initiatives using cross-functional teams, and create the right working environment all do better than their competitors. Our modern solutions team uses best practices and a rigorous yet agile approach to software development that drives repeatable results for innovative products.

Through this one-week workshop, you’ll learn directly from our development leaders how to apply our framework to help your teams accelerate delivery and do it with higher quality and less burnout. They’ll assess your teams’ use of modern development techniques, tools, and technologies and create step-by-step, customized guidance for adopting our methods for development success.

###Objectives During this one-week workshop, you’ll learn about our framework, how to build a developer toolchain, and how we use: *Agile Software Development *Microsoft Azure DevOps *DevOps in your organization *Test-driven development *Continuous integration/deployment *Infrastructure as code *Release management *Microsoft Azure

###Agenda Intro to DevOps using Azure DevOps Workshop *Day 1: Creating a product vision – Build and manage backlog using Azure Boards *Day 2: Using Azure Pipelines to build and release a solution *Day 3: A Day in the Life of a Developer – Using Azure Repos and developer tools to improve the developer experience *Day 4: Implementing developer testing *Day 5: Review current application architecture and identify how to improve architecture and the developer toolchain