Opening the Door to Open AI 3-Week Assessment

Hitachi Solutions

Have questions about what should be processed with OpenAI tools? What risks are there? What governance mechanisms need to be in place to support these tools?

Questions about generative AI and the continue to be challenging for organizations, combined with how to ensure the tools are being used effectively. By the end of this assessment, your organization will have developed a proof of value roadmap on how to meet your goals and priorities, delivering business value and revenue across your company, leveraging Microsoft Azure.

Our 3-week engagement will help you determine what can, and should, be processed with Azure and OpenAI [ChatGPT]. We will provide you with a clear understanding of business security, cost benefit tradeoffs, and guidance on how to structure your organization’s governance and compliance allowing your teams to be able to improve productivity and generate additional revenue streams using the OpenAI capabilities and optimizing your consumption of Microsoft Azure.

Hitachi Solutions’ team members are scientists and engineers with experience deploying artificial intelligence engines that solve business problems through supporting real-time decision making. We deploy the art of insights into production.