Azure Cloud Integration Assessment: 1 Week

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited

Learn how to advance your Integration maturity to achieve optimal results

Our assessment will evaluate your requirements based to seamlessly move your business to Azure Cloud, for any type of scenario, whether it is an existing solution, ongoing project or pre-project evaluation.

During our workshops we will work closely with you to uncover your true business goals, understand your processes, and conduct a thorough application review. We will map the solution to individual functional components to isolate the redundant implementation of similar business requirements. At the end we will provide you with a Azure Cloud Integration Assessment Report containing a full set of detailed and actionable recommendations to advance your Azure Cloud Integration maturity and achieve optimal results.

The assessment consist of 4 workshops:

  • Discovery: understand your business and the people it will impact
  • Review: address topics like the scalability and viability of your current architecture, considering everything that may impact (continuous integration, development process, infrastructure, existing roadmap)
  • Analyse: assessment of your development landscape, collect data and information about your infrastructure
  • Recommend: discuss and evaluate all the recommendations and actions in the Azure Cloud Integration Assessment Report, containing actionable recommendations with everything from technology matrix, future-state architecture to tools, to a roadmap for implementation.


  • Minimum viable product (MVP): a small set of practices and policies that will be delivered during the assessment.
  • Cloud Integration Assessment Report: at the end of the assessment we will provide a document with all the recommendations and actions in order to achieve a solid integration strategy.