Azure Cloud Security & Identity Assessment: 1 Week

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited

Our Azure Cloud Security and Identity Assessment provides a 360 degree view and analysis of the security level of the entire company Cloud.

The growing pervasiveness of cybercrime and the need to adapt to the new regulations on data processing and protection, highlight the need for a new relationships with specialized operators in the cloud, so that a complex problem such as IT security can be tackled with an appropriate combination of responsibilities, skills and technologies.

Our Azure Cloud Security & Identity assessment provides a 360 degree view and analysis of the security level of the entire company Cloud in respect of the methodologies, practices and IT systems by verifying and evaluating the processes and technologies in use. At the end of the verification, our security experts will be able to propose an action plan to improve the level of security, aligning the cybersecurity strategy with the business objectives using Azure Cloud.

Phases and artefacts

  • Discovery: interactive discussions to learn about your current state of business.
  • Reconnaissance investigation: determine the needs and objectives to be achieved
  • Analysis: process all the collected data to identify strengths and weaknesses, as well as any measures to mitigate potential risks. Our security analysts will also assess whether the processes and technologies currently in use in the company cover every aspect of IT risk management, from protection to responding to any security incidents.
  • Cloud Security Scorecard: document all recommendations and actions in order to achieve a solid security strategy.
  • Assessment sharing: detailed report with the improvement actions necessary to achieve the desired level of safety are outlined and shared, determining priorities and timing based on the needs and investment capacity collected in the investigation phase. Discuss and evaluate all the recommendations and actions in the Azure Cloud Security Scorecard.