Cloud Native Discovery and Planning: 4 Weeks

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited

Our cloud native discovery exercise allows you to scope innovative and low maintenance applications in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Discover and plan how to create a Cloud Native application on Microsoft Azure supporting current and future business needs. Integrate with modern Azure cloud capabilities to increase speed of change and sharing of data within & outside the enterprise. Replace legacy applications and refocus your resources on solving business problems. Extend your audience to a worldwide customer base and a fully remote workforce.


  • Scope high level requirements with business stakeholders.
  • Define functional & non-functional requirements.
  • Create high level Azure architecture, mapping requirements to solution areas.
  • Replace manual process with Azure based cognitive skills where possible.
  • Estimate the detailed design phase.
  • Create costed proposal and replay to the customer stakeholders.


  • A user centric approach to application design to improve process efficiency.
  • Uses low code Azure technologies to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Identify cloud capabilities such as cognitive AI to automate manual processes.
  • Enterprise scale and reliability. Start small and scale to 1,000's users with no changes to architecture.
  • Delivered using our Consensus approach to project management to ensure quality of delivery.

Purchased in 4 week units and scoped based on size & complexity of actual cloud native application scenario, including project governance. Please contact Hitachi Solutions for more information.