Migration planning of on-premises infrastructure to Azure : 12 Weeks

Hitachi Solutions Europe Limited

Our cloud migration planning service provides a solution to plan the migration of your applications from local data centre into Azure.

Discover, assess and plan your on-premises infrastructure migration to the Azure cloud. Identify which services are cloud compatible and move to Azure through a simple and repeatable migration factory approach. Start the journey to application modernisation by identifying which services can be moved to IaaS compute and PaaS data services. Build upon your cloud foundation to take the next step and migrate live services to the cloud.


  • Deploy automated tooling to discover your on-premises assets.
  • Group your assets by business application and dependencies.
  • Review applications with customer teams to determine cloud roadmap.
  • Improve organisation readiness with skills, team and process alignment workshops.
  • Estimates costs for future cloud hosting.
  • Uses 6 R’s approach to scoring application modernisation.


  • Understand your target cloud platform configuration and cost before migration.
  • Identify cloud compatibility of common operating systems and applications.
  • Builds a foundation for understanding a future application modernisation strategy.
  • Increases success rates by aligning your IT organisation to be cloud ready.
  • Delivered by an award-winning Microsoft Partner.
  • Uses using our Consensus approach to project management to ensure quality of delivery.

Purchased in a minimum of 12 week units and scoped based on size & complexity of actual application migration scenario, including project governance. Please contact Hitachi Solutions for more information.