1-Day Smart Maintenance Envisioning Workshop


How to go from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance?

Smart maintenance involves optimizing maintenance processes using smart Microsoft Azure Artificial Intellligence (AI) algorithms. Such projects can save you a tremendous amount of money and add value, but where do you start?

  • How do we go from preventive maintenance to predictive maintenance?
  • How do we determine the value of our data?
  • Is my organization ready for this? And is my data in order enough to take these steps already?
  • Are my customers ready for this? And what can we do with it?
  • How do I get our assets 'IoT' ready with Microsoft IoT Central?
  • How do we take the first steps towards Servitization? 
  • How do we make a good business case for this internally?

Smart Maintenance Envisioning Workshop

The workshop starts with a review of your business objectives, followed by mutual discovery and visualization of solutions, ending with a clear, actionable plan of how you can start shifting to Smart Maintenance using the Microsoft Azure AI platform. We will work together to define the strategy needed to drive your business outcomes, using interactive design thinking concepts. 

Session 1: 150 minutes - Introduction and background - Current situation including existing initiatives & use case inspiration

Session 2: 90 minutes – Business Needs Ideation (Design Thinking) - Leverage whiteboard to collate new ideas, benefits and pain points

Session 3: 90 minutes - Concept Prioritization - Impact & feasibility

Session 4: 60 minutes - Reporting