Azure Integration Services from HSO: 1-Hour Discovery Session


Experience the seamless integration of your systems, applications, and data with Azure Integration Services and HSO's Middleware Accelerator

Are data silos and workflow inefficiencies hindering your innovation?

Leveraging Azure Integration Services and our Integration Middleware Accelerator, our team can help connect and integrate various applications, systems, and data sources across your cloud and on-premises environments, allowing you to streamline operations, enhance collaboration, improve data integration and accessibility, enable digital transformation and drive AI innovation.

We help companies across the globe with:

• Diverse Application Landscapes • Workflow Inefficiencies • Data Silos and Fragmentation • Legacy System Integration • Scalability Challenges • API Management and External Collaboration • Data Transformation and ETL Challenges

As a Microsoft-recognized Azure Expert MSP with over 100 global integration specialists, we are your go-to partner for overcoming your top integration challenges. We have a deep knowledge of integration across the Microsoft stack and can connect with any application that provides connectivity. Our integration services empower our customers with all of the security and scalability that the Microsoft Cloud provides.

With our best-in-breed integration accelerator, a proven implementation methodology and hands-on customer engagement model, we help companies with:

Application Integration: Seamlessly connect applications across Azure, on-premise, or hybrid environments, ensuring a smooth data flow with connectors, adapters, and messaging capabilities.

Data Integration: Enable efficient data movement, transformation, and orchestration with Azure Data Factory, supporting analytics, reporting, and decision-making processes. Visualize and accelerate ETL processes with pre-built connectors supporting enterprise workflows.

B2B Integration: Facilitate smooth B2B collaborations with partners, suppliers, and customers through EDI support, partner management, and secure message exchange.

API Economy: Securely provide services and APIs to internal or external developers with Azure API Management, offering authentication, throttling, versioning, and analytics.

Process Automation: Quickly design and deploy integration workflows and process automation with serverless computing capabilities like Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions, without worrying about infrastructure management.

Logic Apps: Effortlessly orchestrate workflows across cloud and on-premises services.

Service Bus: Ensure secure messaging workflows for on-premises and cloud-based applications.

Event Grid: Connect Azure and third-party services with managed event-routing for simplified app development.

Security: Prioritize data security for seamless communication across your ecosystem.

Monitoring & Management: Optimize your integrations with our monitoring and management services, featuring logging, metrics, and diagnostic tools for troubleshooting and performance analysis.

Artificial Intelligence: Our integration expertise helps with AI initiatives, using AI from within the central Integration Layer to create even more value for our customers.

Say goodbye to integration challenges and hello to a connected, efficient, and agile digital ecosystem. Contact us for a free discovery session and learn how you can embrace efficiency and innovation with the latest tools from Microsoft and HSO.