DnA Framework for Data, AI & Analytics: 1-Hour Assessment


A comprehensive suite of Data, AI and Analytics offerings that extend and support Microsoft Azure

Understanding the true value of your data can be difficult without the right strategy and foundation. HSO enables organizations to harness the power of their data by providing a platform and approach that is adaptable, scalable and reliable.

Our Data & Analytics services extend and support Microsoft Azure, helping you make informed decisions to increase business performance and meet the demands of the future.

With the HSO DnA Framework, our data and analytics experts address your data needs wherever you are in your data transformation journey with Microsoft.

Key offers:

· Data Strategy Assessment & Roadmap

· Modern Data Platform Accelerator

· Data Integration Middleware Accelerator

· Advanced Analytics Adoption Accelerator

· AI-Driven Transformation Workshop

Offer Details

HSO Assessment for Data Strategy & Roadmap: Start off your journey right—with an evaluation of your current data and analytics landscape on which to build a robust data strategy and roadmap.

HSO DnA Accelerator for Modern Data Platform: Put the right foundation in place without unnecessary complexity – harness configurable data pipelines and leverage advanced data models, to facilitate rapid time-to-market and deliver higher ROI.

HSO Data Integration Middleware Accelerator: Build a robust data integration framework that seamlessly merges data from diverse sources into a unified format and facilitates efficient data movement and transformation.

HSO Accelerator for Advanced Analytics Adoption: Empower your organization to accelerate operational and strategic insights through advanced analytics using reporting, predictive modeling, AI, and more.

HSO AI-Driven Transformation Workshop: Prepare your team for AI/ML adoption by profiling and validating your data, identifying use cases, and guiding the effective implementation of AI technologies to leverage AI capabilities, optimize processes, unlock opportunities, and enhance customer experiences.

With one or a combination of our Azure service offerings, leveraging the latest data & analytics technology like Microsoft Fabric, you can start crafting the acceleration path that fits your needs today, focusing on reduced initial investment and a faster return on investment.