Digital Transformation to Azure - 2 Day Assessment

HyerTek Inc.

For the 2 Day Assessment. we evaluate organization cloud-readiness, telework capabilities, and explore how to leverage the power of data and cloud-centric conversion, centered on Azure integration.

The goal of this 2 day assessment, we work with your team to define all on-premise technologies that can be converted to Azure as well as potential touchpoints security needs. We also evaluate opportunities with Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Teams, and SharePoint.

Day 1 is a collaborative working session between our teams. The second day is set aside for reviewing your roadmap and to support the next steps in your journey. Our agenda is:

Day 1 Tell Us Your Company Story?

  • What does your company do/sell/make?
  • What does your company’s current workforce look like?
  • Where do people work and how do they work?
  • What would your customers say about your current organization?
  • What are your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats?
  • Where are you investing other than in virtual workforce transformation?

    Tell Us How You Operate On-Premise?

  • How does your company manage its business currently (across its systems)?
  • What tools do you rely on for business productivity that require cloud connectivity?
  • What does your storage footprint look like?
  • How are you using Microsoft 365? Azure? Dynamics?
  • How secure does your organization need to be?
  • What operations are considered essential?
  • How important is a regular presence to the leadership?

    Technology Roadmap

  • Do you currently have a defined technology stack?
  • Do you currently use any cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure?
  • What are your thoughts on IT consolidation for cost optimization and systems reliability?
  • Does your team have a systems specification/systems operation guide for its current technology platforms?
  • What technologies do you use/prefer?

    Day 2 We present you with our assessment on how to transform your on-premise footprint to Microsoft Azure and create a digital-ready organization using the Microsoft 365, security solution, and enterprise tools offered by Microsoft.